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Detention Stormwater Tanks

Conventional underground detention tanks are traditional methods for reducing increased peak storm water flows from small developments. They limit peak flow from short duration storms by temporarily storing water and releasing it through a restricted throttle (orifice), but at the expense of increased flow duration. We have developed our detention tank as a multi-use, underground tank, either as a detention tank (slow release of water into storm water drain or other runoff), retention tank (used for reuse) or alternatively a combination of both. In a recent survey in Sydney 90% of all detention tanks were blocked or had been disabled (the office plate has been removed to eliminate blockages). Our tank has been designed to alleviate these problems with a double filter system, one for large debris at the inlet point that can be removed and cleaned in a similar fashion to that of a swimming pool filter / pond filter and a secondary filter box on by the outlet of the tank to catch smaller debris.
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