Why Harvest Rain Water?

You may have heard of harvesting rain water before, but what are the benefits? Is it really worth the investment? And what actually is it?

harvest_rain_waterHarvesting rain water is the accumulation of rain water for later use on the property or site where it is collected. Common uses of rain water are for watering the garden, feeding livestock, indoor heating, and use in the home (with proper treatment).

One big positive of rain harvesting is it provides an independent water supply for the property, which is particularly useful in rural areas or regions with water restrictions. Harvesting systems are also very easy to install, requiring little specialised skill and are often low cost.

Where do you store the harvested water? Water tanks are the solution for storing your harvested water. There are a range of different tanks to choose from, such as above ground or below ground. The choice will depend on your application.

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