Which Type Of Plastic Is Used In Plastic Moulding?

In the moulding industry, there are many different methods to create moulded plastic products, which involves different types of plastics used to create the product. Nylon, polystyrene, polythene and polypropylene are common types of plastics used in the moulding process. More than 80% of materials used in rotational plastic moulding are from the polyethylene family.

These plastics are known as thermosplastics, which means that when heated, they can easily be moulded to the desired shape. Once moulded, these plastics are high strength and relatively stress resistant.

In more recent times, more natural products are being used in plastic moulding. Sand and stone chip can be used to create a sandstone composite which is 80% natural non processed material. Chocolate can also be rotationally moulded to create hollow chocolate desserts.