What industries use plastic pallets?

For what reason might a company want to use plastic pallets over the traditional wooden variety? While some industries just need something to get the job done, other industries have certain requirements which wooden pallets do not meet.

One of the main reasons to use plastic storage pallets is because of the properties of the plastic itself. Typically pallets are made from polyethylene which not only is not only extremely durable but is considered to be hygienic and a food grade plastic.

So, what industries can benefit from a polyethylene plastic pallet?

Food and Beverage Industry

As mentioned, polyethylene is a food safe plastic. Plastic pallets are extremely easy to clean and sterilise, making them ideal for warehouses where they may be reused. Additionally, plastic pallets are chemically inert, meaning they are immune to:

  • Mould
  • Bacteria
  • Pathogens
  • Insects.

Therefore, products can be stored on plastic storage pallets for extended periods without the pallets causing contamination.

Unlike wooden pallets, which may have been chemically treated, plastic pallets have no such requirement. Furthermore, any contamination acquired in transit can be easily washed away, unlike a wood pallet which may soak up any harmful chemicals, oils or spills.

When storing large quantities in a freezer plastic pallets may be the only option, as wooden pallets are porous and can hold moisture. This moisture will then freeze and expand, potentially damaging the structural integrity of the wooden pallet.

Pharmaceuticals and Fragile goods

Some industries such as pharmaceuticals may have strict guidelines for hygiene in the supply chain. Thus, plastic storage pallets are required to prevent contamination to sensitive products.

Polyethylene plastic storage pallets are extremely durable, and are cast in one piece. This eliminates issues such as loose nails snagging and damaging products/packaging. 

As you can see, plastic pallets offer significant advantages over wooden pallets. Generally in the form of durability and resistance to contamination. In environments where cleanliness is important, plastic is the obvious choice.

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