Stormwater Detention Tanks, What You Should Know

If your Auckland property is experiencing flooding then an underground detention tank is a simple yet ingenious solution. Auckland is particularly susceptible to flooding due to the sheer amount of development. Our New Zealand made detention stormwater tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit your properties needs and protect your Auckland property against stormwater flooding.

How does new development cause flooding?

This is a good question. How does construction or development cause an area to flood that previously never had? During a storm, water seeps into the ground and the groundwater table. If this cannot happen the rain will become surface runoff, making its way to a local river, stream or other natural body of water. 

New developments can impede nature’s solution for flooding. Stormwater cannot be absorbed by concrete, homes and other buildings and so becomes surface runoff. If the water cannot find its way into the earth or a local body of water then it is up to the stormwater system to remove this excess water. If the stormwater system is not able to effectively remove the surface runoff, flooding will occur.

How does a detention tank work?

If stormwater cannot escape through the stormwater drain a detention tank can act as a buffer. By storing rainwater in a large tank, either above or below ground, water can accumulate in a controlled environment. Meaning the flooding is moved into a space where it cannot damage buildings and developments.

Once the water is in the detention tank, it is released into the stormwater drain or other runoff with a restricted flow. The slow-release prevents further strain on stormwater systems and decreases the chance of flooding.

What kind of detention tanks do we offer?

Here at rotational plastics, we offer a large selection of New Zealand designed and produced detention stormwater tanks. We offer both above and below ground detention tanks in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your property.

In a recent Sydney survey, 90% of detention tanks were blocked or had been disabled. Debris can cause blockages, preventing water from entering or exiting the tank. Our tanks are designed with a double filtration system that eliminates this issue. Similar to a swimming pool, the filters can be easily removed to clean out debris, extending the life of your detention tank.

If your Auckland property requires a stormwater detention tank then give us a call at 0800 768 284 or contact us online. We are happy to help you choose the right detention tank for your property.