Plastic Road Barriers and their Advantages

Long term construction projects especially out on the road often require plastic road barriers. Our in-house designed and built interlocking plastic road barriers are perfect for road closures, low speed zones and construction projects. 

Plastic road barriers have several great advantages over traditional barrier solutions. Metal and concrete barriers are not only extremely heavy but also expensive. Our lightweight plastics design provides the same function for a fraction of the price.

Our lightweight barriers can be easily manipulated into position and then filled with water to stay there. Each barrier can interlock with its neighbours serving as a pivot point. Therefore, in the event of a crash the impacted barrier is prevented from toppling and the entire barrier chain absorbs the impact.

Ourn genius interlocking design does not require any pins or cables, as every barrier is designed with a male and female end. Allowing for simple and fast interlocking to form a barricade without extra supplies. 

Unlike traditional counterparts, plastic road barriers can come in a wide variety of colours. Polyethylene plastic is able to be dyed any colour and treated to resist fading in the harsh New Zealand sun. Keeping your barriers highly visible throughout their lifespan.

Orange is a commonly chosen colour for use in road works and construction. However, other colours like white are useful as pedestrian barriers. The lack of visibility can help steer crowds from areas of restricted access during events. 

Once your plastic road barriers finally come to the end of their life, they are fully recyclable. Keeping the plastic out of our landfills.

If you are looking for plastic road barriers for your construction project or event. Then call us at 0800 768 284 or contact us online. We are happy to offer you advice and answer your questions to find the right solution for you.