Plastic fishing supplies and bins

Show me a kiwi who doesn’t love fishing and I’ll show you an eskimo who doesn’t love ice. Okay I may be going a bit far there but let’s admit it, Kiwis love fishing. We at Rotational Plastics understand that passion and have come up with a fantastic option for your fishing needs. Our range of plastic fishing supplies and bins is not just any old plastic rubbish its built and designed by kiwis for kiwis and its built to last. Our products are UV stabilised so they stand up to New Zealand’s harsh sun, its resistant to most chemicals and oils, it can be easily cleaned with pressure or a steam wash, and best of all it won’t rust, rot or splinter. Our one piece moulding provides superior strength and weather protection.

Our quality plastic range are much lighter to handle compared to ordinary metal options and the like. Why go heavy when you can go fishing_supplies_and_binsquality plastic? At the moment we have a range of bait boards, buoys, and storage boxes. For example, our bait boards range from a 460L x 340W x 50H to a 610L x 490W x 170H. Our buoys include the Fergibuoy Junior 250D x 620H and the Mussel float 760D x 1100H. In our storage section you can find the Tyson Handyman 455 with tray to our Tyson Toolbox 1.8Metre with tray.

Best of all we have a custom design service, if you have something in mind that you would love to make into a reality we can help. We offer engineered solutions and state of the art production. We can help you whether it is for personal or commercial use and since we have been specialising in the design and manufacture of rotationally moulded plastic products for nearly 30 years you can trust us to know what we are doing.

So next time you are looking for fishing products, look us up, or if you have an idea you want made into a reality, look us up, and next time you take the boat out, look me up, I’m there.