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Custom Plastic Moulding: Advantages of Rotational Moulding

When considering purchasing custom plastic moulding, it is important to consider the type of plastic moulding is best for you. Rotational plastic moulding, also known as roto moulding or rotational casting is a method of forming plastic that lends itself well to a particular type of product. Unlike injection moulding or other methods, rotational moulding can produce larger plastic products. However it is not without its disadvantages. There are some designs that are simply not possible with a rotational moulding set up. Knowing what is possible should help you make an informed decision for when you need to purchase custom plastic moulding for your product.


Rotational plastics lends itself well to creating large plastic objects that simply aren’t possible with some other conventional methods. This allows people to design plastic products for applications in construction and infrastructure. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make something small using rotational moulding.


The types of designs that work well with rotational moulding are typically symmetrical and hollow. This means the ideal plastic product is something geometric, such as water tanks, road barriers, etc. This may limit you if you intend to produce small intricate products. However, if you need something that needs to be one solid piece then rotational moulding might be advantageous. 

For more information on what is possible with rotational moulding, read our previous blog on custom plastic moulding.

If you have an idea for a plastic product and don’t know where to start contact the team at rotational plastics. Call 0800 768 284, we can help you with the design of your product to ensure it is a suitable bit for rotational plastic moulding. Creating a custom moulding can be a lengthy process, so having an invested team is important to ensure the success of your product.

Mould Your Own Ideas

Do you have an idea that you think would make a great plastic product? Many people do but think that turning it into reality is unrealistic. However, this is far from the truth, and producing a product from an idea is not as hard as it may seem.

When it comes to custom rotational plastic moulding, no idea is too far fetched. Once you have an idea for an item or product, the technicalities will need to be worked out. How it will be constructed, the size and scale, will it be once piece or several etc. The mould for the item will also need to be made, so that it can be constructed.

If you are unsure of how realistic your design is, or are unsure of the technical aspecs of the design, we are able to work with you on the design to make it viable. There are certain conditions that need to be met, such as wall thicknesses, to ensure that the item will be strong enough, hold it’s shape and withstand the circumstances it’s to be used in.

Once we have all these points worked out, it’s time to make the product. This is where the equipment is set up to make your specific item, which includes the mould. Once the equipment has been set up, it is very easy and often much more economically efficient to make a large quantity of the item, since the setup has already been done.

Now the actual plastic moulding takes place. This usually consists of four main stages.

  1. A measured amount of polymer (plastic, usually in powder form) is loaded into the mould.
  2. The mould is then headted in an oven while rotating, which melts the polymer and adheres it to the walls of the mould. The mould is rotated through two or more axes and at different speeds to avoid an accumulation of polymer powder in one spot. The amount of time the mould is in the oven is critical, as too long and it can impact the strength of the product, due to the polymer degrading, and too little time in the oven means the polymer will not melt completely which can result in large bubbles in the polymer.
  3. Now the mould will be cooled, usually by use of a fan. This part can take some time, as it needs to cool enough so that the polymer solidifies and sets, and it’s cool enough to be handled safely by the operator. Upon cooling, the part will shrink and come away from the mould, making removal easy.
  4. Removal of the part from the mould.

At this point your product is a reality which you can see, hold, and use. The creation process is not as complex as it may seem, it just takes knowledge, experience and the right equipment to produce the results. If you have a product you would like to see realised, get in contact with us today to discuss your idea!

No Job Is Too Big Or Small!

If you are looking to get a custom plastic item made, you may be worried that the job is either too big or small and that no one will want to do it. No need to worry! For us at Rotational Plastics, no job is too big or small!

no_job_is_too_big_or_smallNo matter what your item is, whether it’s something small and a one off or it’s something big which you need a whole line of, we are up to the challenge. In the past we have been involved in all sizes of jobs and are happy to help you find the solution you are looking for.

Talk to us today about the job you require and let us provide you with your plastic moulding solution!


How Long Does It Take To Do Plastic Moulding?

Plastic moulding is a process that takes manual labour to produce results, and as such can take some time, depending on the product. What are the factors that affect the time it takes?

how_long_does_plastic_moulding_takeThe biggest factor determines the time of a project will be how big and complex the product is. Setting up and making the mould can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 12 weeks. The moulds have to manually be made, so it can take a significant amount of time if the item is sizeable and a very complex shape.

Another thing that influences time is how many of the item needs to be produced. Obviously, if it is a small simple item, it will take considerably less time than a large, complex item that needs 100 or more to be made. However, once the mould has been made, each individual item does not take too long, so the more are made, the more worthwhile the setup is, and will often end up cheaper per item for larger orders than one-offs.

If you are short for time and need something made, call us today to discuss how quickly we can get it done.

We Can Make Any Product You Need

Sometimes when you are involved in a project or just doing something around the house, you need a specific part and you just can’t find it. This could be because it doesn’t exist or it is just hard to find. Either way, if it’s plastic it’s not a problem!

Rotational Plastics specialise in all plastic moulding and can make any plastic product you need. No matter whether you are looking to do a large number run of products or you need just a one off, we can help with every step to make whatever it is that you need. Our top of the line rotational moulding equipment allows us to make quality plastic products in all shapes and sizes and for reasonable cost. We don’t expect you to pay the world for the thing you need.

Talk to us today about the custom plastic moulding solution you need. Also check out our products range, as you never know, you might just find what you are looking for!