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Plastic Road Barriers and their Advantages

Long term construction projects especially out on the road often require plastic road barriers. Our in-house designed and built interlocking plastic road barriers are perfect for road closures, low speed zones and construction projects. 

Plastic road barriers have several great advantages over traditional barrier solutions. Metal and concrete barriers are not only extremely heavy but also expensive. Our lightweight plastics design provides the same function for a fraction of the price.

Our lightweight barriers can be easily manipulated into position and then filled with water to stay there. Each barrier can interlock with its neighbours serving as a pivot point. Therefore, in the event of a crash the impacted barrier is prevented from toppling and the entire barrier chain absorbs the impact.

Ourn genius interlocking design does not require any pins or cables, as every barrier is designed with a male and female end. Allowing for simple and fast interlocking to form a barricade without extra supplies. 

Unlike traditional counterparts, plastic road barriers can come in a wide variety of colours. Polyethylene plastic is able to be dyed any colour and treated to resist fading in the harsh New Zealand sun. Keeping your barriers highly visible throughout their lifespan.

Orange is a commonly chosen colour for use in road works and construction. However, other colours like white are useful as pedestrian barriers. The lack of visibility can help steer crowds from areas of restricted access during events. 

Once your plastic road barriers finally come to the end of their life, they are fully recyclable. Keeping the plastic out of our landfills.

If you are looking for plastic road barriers for your construction project or event. Then call us at 0800 768 284 or contact us online. We are happy to offer you advice and answer your questions to find the right solution for you.

Stormwater Detention Tanks, What You Should Know

If your Auckland property is experiencing flooding then an underground detention tank is a simple yet ingenious solution. Auckland is particularly susceptible to flooding due to the sheer amount of development. Our New Zealand made detention stormwater tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit your properties needs and protect your Auckland property against stormwater flooding.

How does new development cause flooding?

This is a good question. How does construction or development cause an area to flood that previously never had? During a storm, water seeps into the ground and the groundwater table. If this cannot happen the rain will become surface runoff, making its way to a local river, stream or other natural body of water. 

New developments can impede nature’s solution for flooding. Stormwater cannot be absorbed by concrete, homes and other buildings and so becomes surface runoff. If the water cannot find its way into the earth or a local body of water then it is up to the stormwater system to remove this excess water. If the stormwater system is not able to effectively remove the surface runoff, flooding will occur.

How does a detention tank work?

If stormwater cannot escape through the stormwater drain a detention tank can act as a buffer. By storing rainwater in a large tank, either above or below ground, water can accumulate in a controlled environment. Meaning the flooding is moved into a space where it cannot damage buildings and developments.

Once the water is in the detention tank, it is released into the stormwater drain or other runoff with a restricted flow. The slow-release prevents further strain on stormwater systems and decreases the chance of flooding.

What kind of detention tanks do we offer?

Here at rotational plastics, we offer a large selection of New Zealand designed and produced detention stormwater tanks. We offer both above and below ground detention tanks in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your property.

In a recent Sydney survey, 90% of detention tanks were blocked or had been disabled. Debris can cause blockages, preventing water from entering or exiting the tank. Our tanks are designed with a double filtration system that eliminates this issue. Similar to a swimming pool, the filters can be easily removed to clean out debris, extending the life of your detention tank.

If your Auckland property requires a stormwater detention tank then give us a call at 0800 768 284 or contact us online. We are happy to help you choose the right detention tank for your property.

Roading Plastics: Benefits of Plastic Road Barriers

Plastic offers some of the best alternatives to traditional products. One great example is “roading plastics”, such as plastic road barriers and pedestrian barriers, which solve most of the issues with their concrete or metal counterpart.

Road safety barriers serve many purposes. They help reduce traffic congestion in highways and increase safety on the road. And while traditional road barriers perform well, they are particularly problematic when it comes to ease of use and maintenance.

This is where plastic barriers enter. And here’s why here’s why it just makes sense.


Plastic road barriers are hollow, which is why they are much lighter in weight compared to metal and concrete ones. They are typically filled with water which can be conveniently drained though a drain plug at the bottom. Their lightweight property lends them portability, which reduces transportation costs by a huge fraction. Because they are light and easy to deploy, more units can be loaded in a vehicle and less manpower is required to install them. This eliminates the need to hire a forklift to move them between events or work sites.


Plastic road barriers are moulded into single block units, which mean there are no moving parts that may loosen up or break over time. There are no metal hinges that may rust, either. Each unit is designed to interlock to create a continuous wall or barricade without the use of pins or cables. Our roading plastics are made from high-quality polyethylene which is rotationally moulded to offer the best durability. They are moulded to a minimum thickness of 8mm so they don’t crack or break under normal use. These barriers can last over 40 years.


The male/female ends of each barricade, which allow interlocking of multiple units, serve as a pivot point that allows a variety in the angles the barriers are set up. This allows your barricade to swing if impacted, instead of breaking or toppling.

And speaking of versatility, plastic road barriers can accommodate add-on features to suit various applications, including banners, warning signs, safety lights and signage for increased visibility.


The beauty of polyethylene plastic is it comes in a wide array of attractive colours, which make them more visible from a distance. In roading applications, visibility is an essential factor for the effectiveness of safety barriers. During the manufacturing process, an ultraviolet light inhibitor is added to the plastic to keep the colours from fading even under constant exposure to sunlight.

Aside from colour, plastic barriers can also be moulded into any shape or size. So if you have specifications other than the standard, we can help you design and manufacture custom barriers suitable for your intended application. These can even be branded with your company name or logo for marketing purposes or simply to prevent theft in job sites.

Environment friendly

Not all plastic is bad for the environment. In fact, polyethylene is 100% recyclable. So when your plastic road barriers no longer serve their purpose, they can be reprocessed into something else and will not end up in landfills.

All these properties make plastic barriers an ideal option for crowd and traffic control in highways, construction zones, car parks, ports, sporting events, shows, pedestrian walkways and many other situations.

That being said, not all plastic road barriers are created equal. Precision and the quality of construction are important to ensuring your barrier of choice will withstand even the harshest conditions.

We, at Rotational Plastics, are confident about the superior quality of our products. We work hard to provide tailored solutions to all budgets and needs.

Creative Uses For Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are excellent for storage, for moving or for sorting items, parts or pieces. But with a bit of creativity, plastic storage bins can be used for so much more. Here are some interesting and creative uses for storage bins we have come across:

Small Pond
Using a plastic container as a waterproof pool, this person made a small pond in their yard by digging a hole in the ground, placing the bin in it, filling it with water and decorating it with plants, tiles and decorative stones. We think this is quite clever and a creative, cost effective way to create
a feature in your garden.

Floating Drink Cooler
A great item for summer, this is one cool way to have your drinks in the sun. A floating drinks cooler, this plastic bin floats on the water by use of pool noodles tied around the edge, close at hand for when you need a refreshment. This is a simple and easy to make piece of equipment, and will make your time in the pool that much more enjoyable.

Pet House
If you need somewhere to house your furry friends, a plastic bin could do the trick. A bit of DIY to create openings, installation of a mesh and any other features you with to throw in, and you could have a cheap and fun home for your rabbits, mice, guinea pigs or other pet.

Cat Litter Boxes
Loose kitty litter is a common problem amongst cat owners and one that is solved by this great solution. By getting a plastic bin and cutting a large enough hole in the lid for your cat to climb in and out, you create a contained kitty litter box which will ensure all the litter stays inside. When it’s time to change the litter, you simple remove the lid, fill new litter and replace it.

Yarn Organiser
For all the knitters, sewers and craft lovers, this is a great solution to keeping your yarn in check. By poking a few small holes into the lid of your plastic bin, you will have a new yarn box which you can organise to suit your needs, be it color, style or any other way that suits. The yarn you need will always be ready and untangled


These are just some examples of how you can be creative with our plastic bins, there are many more undiscovered uses for them that we will leave up to you. Head over to our range on our website to get yours and let’s see what you can do with them!

All About Commercial Plastics

If you are in the market for commercial plastics have you been tempted to buy overseas? The international marketplace can provide some very attractive options, however do you really know what you’re getting when you purchase overseas? What types of things do you need to look out for?

Suppliers in developing countries are keen to win new business and prove their product is worthy of your hard earned cash. They want the turnover, they want to join the market and expand their business – just like everyone else. There is nothing to say that an overseas supplier could not make a perfectly acceptable item but what are the risks associated with purchasing your commercial plastics overseas?

Risk Factors:

  • Cheaper quality: Each country will have its own regulations for manufacture of products. When you buy overseas often the perceived quality is of a much lower standard than you would receive from a New Zealand based supplier who must follow the guidelines as set out by New Zealand law. Purchasing your stock from an overseas supplier may look good on your bottom line, but what guarantees do you have that the items your purchase from them will be fit for use in New Zealand?
  • Language barrier: Even with the best understanding of another language – things can get lost in translation. If the supplier does not understand your specifications for your product, they may be reticent to ask questions in order to save face or hold their pride. This can lead to mistakes which are not easily rectified and can be very costly.
  • Intellectual property protection: When you choose to give your product idea to a New Zealand supplier for manufacture you can rest assured that you have full protection of your Intellectual Property. There are stringent penalties – including time in jail – if your idea is copied. Overseas suppliers however do not fall under New Zealand law and your ideas can (and will) be copied.
  • Delays: Yes, delays can happen in New Zealand as well as overseas. However, when you purchase goods for manufacture in New Zealand you can have control over the chain of suppliers needed to manufacture your goods. When you purchase from a company internationally you are at their mercy and have to trust them implicitly to have all items needed onsite to complete your purchase. If there are delays in the manufacturing process then there can also be shipping delays getting your items from the country of manufacture to New Zealand. Delays can truly hurt your business and your reputation.
  • Extra costs: On top of your manufacturing costs you will also need to pay duty tax on getting your items into New Zealand and shipping fees. Overseas suppliers may not be as honest as you might think and extra costs could slip into your final account. Make sure you know what you are getting into before giving the OK to manufacture.
  • Scammers: Do your research. Talk to your competitors in New Zealand and find out who they have had good dealings with and who to avoid.

So with all this negative talk about buying overseas – why buy commercial plastic from a New Zealand based manufacturer?

Rotational Plastics have been leading manufacturers of rotational moulded commercial plastic products in New Zealand for over 30 years. Our plastics stand the test of time and we follow all New Zealand protocols. We can help you with design and manufacture of your products.


Plastic Bins In Shapes And Sizes

Rotational Plastics have solutions for all of your plastic bin needs. No matter what your requirement, we can offer or design innovative bin solutions.

If you are in the building industry, our construction options are built tough to handle the stresses out on the work site. Our range of construction, roading and building plastic products will not let you down. You will never regret buying quality. We have a wide range of products to cover all your needs in the construction field, from road barriers to culverts. We have plastic bins to help you contain your tools and be ready to go on every job. Our toolboxes come in a range of sizes and have varying weight capacities. From a handheld toolbox to a 1.8 metre long toolbox suitable for installing on work vehicles we have one for you.

If you are looking for a storage solution around your home or garden, then our at home solutions are lightweight, durable and extra strong. They are UV stabilised to protect against the harsh New Zealand sun. They will not splinter, rust or rot so are versatile enough to be placed in your garden or used in areas close to the sea. Our plastic is fully recyclable and they all have smooth, non stick easy clean surfaces which can be pressure or steam cleaned to bring them back to looking like new. You could harvest rain water, water the veggie garden, keep the garden free of clutter or even use them to  have some fun. Check out our Porky Pig Toy Boxes if you’re looking for something cute yet functional for your kids to tidy their stuff away in.

Perhaps you run a busy farm and are looking at Rotational Plastics for plastic buckets or troughs to hold feed or water for your animals. We have a large range of feed and water troughs available. These are heavy duty and can withstand day after day use by stock. Our feeding buckets start at 27L capacity and our water troughs hold upto 1600L.

Our commercial plastic solutions are uniquely designed for maximum strength. They are all one piece virtually stress-free mouldings. Like our home and garden plastic options, our commercial solutions have smooth, non-stick easy clean surfaces that are easily pressure or steam washed with detergents. A variety of colour options are available and they can be customised so that your company logos or text can be moulded into them or they can be numbered. We also have hygenic food grade polyethylene (LDPE) plastics available for commercial kitchen use and UV Stabilised plastics are available if you are using our bins and boxes in an outdoor setting.

Boxes, bins, trays, lids, scoops, pallets and trolleys. We have been helping New Zealand businesses keep things sorted, clean and organised for over 30 years. Whether it be 10 boxes or 1000 pallets, see us for your commercial solutions, our team thinks both outside and inside the box.

Everything you need to know about Greasetraps

When grease and oils etc are left to go down into the plumbing they can harden and cause blockages and damage to the pipes.  This can cause backups of pipes and subsequently cause damage to your building and pipework.  Grease traps stop this from happening. They trap the grease and oils so it doesn’t go down the drain.  This residue of grease and oils can then be safely discarded or even if clean enough sold to places such as soap manufacturers.  A grease trap works by holding hot water and allowing it to cool down so any fats solidify.  This solid residue floats on the surface of the water for easy removal.plastic_greasetrap

You need to ensure your grease trap is big enough to cope with your needed situation, ensuring it is sized correctly by being at least twice the capacity of the fittings that discharge into it.  The minimum being 100 Litres.  You will also need consents in order to discharge trade wastewater which can be obtained from a Trade Waste Officer or relevant territorial authority.  There are fees annually and regular inspections are made.

We at Rotational Plastics have a wide range of grease traps in all sizes.  Our grease traps are top quality items.  Some of these products include

  • 1000L Grease trap with riser,
  • 125L Low profile under bench grease trap
  • 125L Plastic or galvanised lid grease trap
  • 2000L Grease trap with 2 riser
  • 3000L Grease trap with 3 riser
  • 375L Cast iron or plastic lids grease trap
  • 4000L Grease trap with 4 riser
  • 5000L Grease trap with riser
  • 500L Cast iron or plastic lids grease trap
  • Grease trap inspection chamber with lid

Call us today for a free quote.

What Are The Benefits Of Industrial Plastics?

When it comes to commercial and industrial equipment and supplies, there is usually a wide range of materials to choose from. Things such as pallets come in a range of materials, usually wood but also plastics and metal. So what are the benefits of using plastic equipment?

industrial_commercial_plastic_solutionsPlastics offer a range of benefits over other materials such as wood and metal. Being strong and lightweight, plastics are ideal for easy manoeuvring and transportation. Their durability makes them relatively know and scratch resistant with also excellent resistance against weather. Unlike wood and metals, plastics are not subject to corrosion such as rust or rotting.

Another great benefit is that there are limitless possibilities in design and production. Plastic can be made into anything, in any size. And not only that, but it can come in any colour your want as well! As well as that, plastics do not conduct heat or electricity, making them excellent insulators which is especially useful in the building industry.

Plastics are also easy to dispose of and recycle, meaning once the plastic part has had it’s use or if it gets damaged, it can just be remade into something else. No need to just throw it out!

If you are looking for industrial plastic solutions, give us a call on 09 443 5880 and let’s see what we can do!

Are Plastic Building Parts Really Up To The Job?

These days almost anything can be made from plastic, but there is still some skepticism when it comes to using plastic for parts that have to withstand abuse such as on building sites. Can plastic really hold up in the long run?

plastic_building_site_partsPlastic has been used for many years for items such as road barriers, tool boxes and trailer parts, all which are exposed to heavy use and abuse and have stood the test of time. Of course, the quality of the part will most dictate how long it will last for, but a well made plastic piece of equipment can not only equal the life of an item made from wood or metal, it can actually outlast it too, since plastic is not subject to rotting, corrosion and natural degradation.

Speak to us today if you need some plastic building parts for your building site.

Which Type Of Plastic Is Used In Plastic Moulding?

In the moulding industry, there are many different methods to create moulded plastic products, which involves different types of plastics used to create the product. Nylon, polystyrene, polythene and polypropylene are common types of plastics used in the moulding process. More than 80% of materials used in rotational plastic moulding are from the polyethylene family.

These plastics are known as thermosplastics, which means that when heated, they can easily be moulded to the desired shape. Once moulded, these plastics are high strength and relatively stress resistant.

In more recent times, more natural products are being used in plastic moulding. Sand and stone chip can be used to create a sandstone composite which is 80% natural non processed material. Chocolate can also be rotationally moulded to create hollow chocolate desserts.