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Guide To Choosing Marine Storage Boxes

All boats have organization and built-in storage features. But in reality, no matter how big the boat, there never seems to be enough stowage options available. Every nook easily fills up with fishing gear, watersports equipment, boating accessories and random stuff brought on trips.

Additional storage is often required to de-clutter and optimise boat space. Here’s where marine storage boxes come in handy.  These versatile storage items will keep your stuff out of the elements but still within easy reach.

Marine storage boxes provide a safe and secure place for all of your boating essentials and tools. Since they are water-tight, they are especially useful for keeping manuals, reference cards, extra cash or your stash of sandpapers dry as well as easily accessible. These versatile boxes can also be used for keeping your catch of the day fresh or your party drinks cold, or for safekeeping small stuff that tend to get lost or broken. Of course, they will also keep your snacks, blankets, towels and gadgets dry even in extreme boating or weather conditions. You can also use these storage boxes as extra seats or step stools since they are built to hold a lot of weight and can endure knocks.

Now, not all marine storage boxes are built the same. So we’re giving you some tips on choosing the right on for your boat.


Standard boat storage boxes are usually made of fiberglass, which makes them extremely strong and able to hold well even in severe conditions. There are a number of problems for this type though, and one is that these aren’t one-piece containers. They have seams where leaks could occur. Fiberglass is labour intensive to manufacture and requires a special barrier to prevent corrosion, which make it expensive.

Other marine storage boxes are made of polyethylene, which is a comparably strong but relatively cheaper material. withstThese are usually seamless one-piece containers that are far less likely to leak. The Tyson Handyman Storage Boxes, in particular, use a special kind of polyethylene which is UV stabilized to withstand UV degradation. This makes them weatherproof, which is perfect for marine applications. They have been tested to withstand knocks and impacts without breaking.

Both fiberglass and polyethylene storage boxes have a watertight seal as well as stainless steel latches and hinges for waterproofing.


Yes, boat storage boxes come in shapes other than the usual rectangle. There are triangular storage boxes for utilizing those odd nooks when space is really tight. Many say these are easier to install and more versatile. But if you need a good amount of secure storage, we recommend the regular shaped storage. Rectangle boxes butt up against each other nicely.


The size totally depends on what you’re planning to stow.  There are definitely a wide range of options where size matters. Apart from size, boat storage boxes can have different configurations. Some have trays inside for easy organizing, double lids for easy access, inbuilt drinks holder or other features that make life onboard a breeze.

To learn more about your marine storage box options, see our range of marine storage boxes here or contact us on 0800 768 284.