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Creative Uses For Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are excellent for storage, for moving or for sorting items, parts or pieces. But with a bit of creativity, plastic storage bins can be used for so much more. Here are some interesting and creative uses for storage bins we have come across:

Small Pond
Using a plastic container as a waterproof pool, this person made a small pond in their yard by digging a hole in the ground, placing the bin in it, filling it with water and decorating it with plants, tiles and decorative stones. We think this is quite clever and a creative, cost effective way to create
a feature in your garden.

Floating Drink Cooler
A great item for summer, this is one cool way to have your drinks in the sun. A floating drinks cooler, this plastic bin floats on the water by use of pool noodles tied around the edge, close at hand for when you need a refreshment. This is a simple and easy to make piece of equipment, and will make your time in the pool that much more enjoyable.

Pet House
If you need somewhere to house your furry friends, a plastic bin could do the trick. A bit of DIY to create openings, installation of a mesh and any other features you with to throw in, and you could have a cheap and fun home for your rabbits, mice, guinea pigs or other pet.

Cat Litter Boxes
Loose kitty litter is a common problem amongst cat owners and one that is solved by this great solution. By getting a plastic bin and cutting a large enough hole in the lid for your cat to climb in and out, you create a contained kitty litter box which will ensure all the litter stays inside. When it’s time to change the litter, you simple remove the lid, fill new litter and replace it.

Yarn Organiser
For all the knitters, sewers and craft lovers, this is a great solution to keeping your yarn in check. By poking a few small holes into the lid of your plastic bin, you will have a new yarn box which you can organise to suit your needs, be it color, style or any other way that suits. The yarn you need will always be ready and untangled


These are just some examples of how you can be creative with our plastic bins, there are many more undiscovered uses for them that we will leave up to you. Head over to our range on our website to get yours and let’s see what you can do with them!