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What Are Our Most Popular Products?

When you sell such a wide variety of products like we do at Rotational Plastics, naturally the question comes up. What is the most popular product in our range? We had a look at our statistics to see the answer.

It turns out that tanks are the most popular category of product on our website. People love our plastic tanks, whether for retention, storage or even spray water tanks. But why are tanks so popular?

Many people are looking to move off the grid, and water is one of the main utilities which you don’t have control over unless you collect your own. With a water tank, you can collect and store your own water. This is also an excellent option in more rural areas where mains water supply is not available.

What does our range of tanks include?

Above ground tanks – Above ground tanks are increasingly common across New Zealand because they are a cost effective way to collect and store water. The advantage of these tanks are that installation and maintenance is both cheap and easy, since the tank is easy to place and get to. There is no excavation needed. When maintenance is needed, which involves emptying and cleaning the inside, this is much easier with an above ground tank – simply hose down the inside and tilt the tank to drain the water.

Below ground/underground tanks – These tanks are installed either partially or completely under the soil, and are another popular option. However, they are a more permanent solution, as they require excavation to install them. The benefit is that they don’t take up any space above ground, so you still have a backyard to enjoy. They are most often installed during the building process of the home, minimising installation costs and inconvenience once the home is built. Underground tanks need to be reinforced in order to handle a long life underground.

Mobile home water tanks – These are the perfect solution if you need to storage water in your mobile home. Also good for boats, these plastic tanks won’t corrode and will ensure that your water stays clean and protected. These come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

Spray water tanks – These are tanks with pressure washing systems. They come in a range of sizes and shapes and can be used for many applications.

Check out our website now for a wide range of plastic water tanks in all shapes and sizes!