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All About Commercial Plastics

If you are in the market for commercial plastics have you been tempted to buy overseas? The international marketplace can provide some very attractive options, however do you really know what you’re getting when you purchase overseas? What types of things do you need to look out for?

Suppliers in developing countries are keen to win new business and prove their product is worthy of your hard earned cash. They want the turnover, they want to join the market and expand their business – just like everyone else. There is nothing to say that an overseas supplier could not make a perfectly acceptable item but what are the risks associated with purchasing your commercial plastics overseas?

Risk Factors:

  • Cheaper quality: Each country will have its own regulations for manufacture of products. When you buy overseas often the perceived quality is of a much lower standard than you would receive from a New Zealand based supplier who must follow the guidelines as set out by New Zealand law. Purchasing your stock from an overseas supplier may look good on your bottom line, but what guarantees do you have that the items your purchase from them will be fit for use in New Zealand?
  • Language barrier: Even with the best understanding of another language – things can get lost in translation. If the supplier does not understand your specifications for your product, they may be reticent to ask questions in order to save face or hold their pride. This can lead to mistakes which are not easily rectified and can be very costly.
  • Intellectual property protection: When you choose to give your product idea to a New Zealand supplier for manufacture you can rest assured that you have full protection of your Intellectual Property. There are stringent penalties – including time in jail – if your idea is copied. Overseas suppliers however do not fall under New Zealand law and your ideas can (and will) be copied.
  • Delays: Yes, delays can happen in New Zealand as well as overseas. However, when you purchase goods for manufacture in New Zealand you can have control over the chain of suppliers needed to manufacture your goods. When you purchase from a company internationally you are at their mercy and have to trust them implicitly to have all items needed onsite to complete your purchase. If there are delays in the manufacturing process then there can also be shipping delays getting your items from the country of manufacture to New Zealand. Delays can truly hurt your business and your reputation.
  • Extra costs: On top of your manufacturing costs you will also need to pay duty tax on getting your items into New Zealand and shipping fees. Overseas suppliers may not be as honest as you might think and extra costs could slip into your final account. Make sure you know what you are getting into before giving the OK to manufacture.
  • Scammers: Do your research. Talk to your competitors in New Zealand and find out who they have had good dealings with and who to avoid.

So with all this negative talk about buying overseas – why buy commercial plastic from a New Zealand based manufacturer?

Rotational Plastics have been leading manufacturers of rotational moulded commercial plastic products in New Zealand for over 30 years. Our plastics stand the test of time and we follow all New Zealand protocols. We can help you with design and manufacture of your products.