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V Pallets Rotationally Moulded


As you may have discovered, there is not a lot of information on “V Pallets” when you search online.  This type of pallet can also be listed as Pallet V. So here is the needed information on this form of pallet.

We at Rotational plastics offer rotationally moulded V Pallets which offer a safe and practical solution to secure barrels or circular items such as rolls of material, and other things that would normally roll about.  Our V Pallets allow a barrel or roll to be laid on its side in a fixed position.  The pallet, with the barrel or roll in place can then be oved via a forklift or hand truck.  If the barrel has a tap fitted thin it can be placed so that the tap is in the lowest position, allowing all the contents to be drawn off via the tap.  We have low and deep V options, plus pallets with either two or three V’s.  Our pallets are manufactured from 100% recyclable food grade polyethylene plastic.  They can be washed and sterilised for use in food production environments.  You can reduce your product damage and increase your handling efficiency with pallets that last for many years in service.


Pallet type Length Width Height
1 V 895mm 675mm 190mm
1 V 900mm 800mm 270mm
2 V 1210mm 1200mm 240mm
3 V 895mm 675mm 190mm
4 V 1200mm 995mm 250mm

Channel Pallets are similar and have channels in place of the V shape. We have this kind in a three channel,

  • Length 1200mm
  • Width 1000mm
  • Height 255mm


We at Rotational plastics are leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded plastic products, and our V-Pallets are part of it.  We are a New Zealand based company, owned and operated. We have a proud history of manufacturing and supplying leading brands of products to our customers.  For our full range of V pallets, check out our website.