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We manufacture industrial plastics

Do you have an idea for a new product? Need help making it happen?  We at Rotational Plastics can help. If you have an idea around plastic moulding that you want realised we can help you make it a reality from the design to the mould.  We can pretty much manufacture anything you can think of around industrial applications.  To make your ideas a reality we use the rotational moulding process.  This process is a low pressure, high temperature method to produce hollow one-piece plastic parts.  It is a competitive alternative to blow moulding, thermoforming and injection moulding.  This way your designs are produced stress-free and with near uniform wall thickness and moderately complex shapes.  For example, this is great for making canoes, toys, containers and such.  Rotational moulding is

  • Relatively simple and cheapindustrial_plastics
  • Possible to alter wall thickness without changing the mould
  • Complex parts with undercuts and intricate contours can be manufactured easily
  • Has very little waste
  • Is able to run short sizes, which is great for New Zealand

So come and talk to us as we can offer custom engineered solutions, high demand and production, mould generation and design, and commercial product supply in various verticals.  We take on any job no matter how big or small from one offs to whole ranges.  The plastic we use is called thermalplastics which means when your product is made it is high strength and stress resistant.  We make quality products so your ideas are in good hands with us.


Our company is New Zealand owned and operated and have been around for 25 years.  We have worked along with leading brands and cover a wide range of subjects from farming, to marine, to plumbing.  We believe in developing a strong customer relationship so we can best help you put your ideas into reality.  Your satisfaction is of high importance to us and it shows by our reputation of being reliable.  We can offer a free quote so call today and discus what we can do for you.