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How Long Does It Take To Do Plastic Moulding?

Plastic moulding is a process that takes manual labour to produce results, and as such can take some time, depending on the product. What are the factors that affect the time it takes?

how_long_does_plastic_moulding_takeThe biggest factor determines the time of a project will be how big and complex the product is. Setting up and making the mould can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 12 weeks. The moulds have to manually be made, so it can take a significant amount of time if the item is sizeable and a very complex shape.

Another thing that influences time is how many of the item needs to be produced. Obviously, if it is a small simple item, it will take considerably less time than a large, complex item that needs 100 or more to be made. However, once the mould has been made, each individual item does not take too long, so the more are made, the more worthwhile the setup is, and will often end up cheaper per item for larger orders than one-offs.

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