Monthly Archives: April 2015

Got A Building Project Going? Check Out Our Building And Construction Plastics

Have you got a building project going? Doing some construction work at home or at a building site? We have everything you need to get the project underway!

building_construction_plasticsWhether you need road barriers, trailers or culverts, we have a wide range of building and construction plastic parts to suit the construction environment. Our construction, building and roading plastics are build to last and handle the use and abuse that comes with being construction equipment. They are also lightweight and have smooth, easy to clean surfaces.

Our building plastics range from fish baffles and road barriers to trailers and tool boxes, everything you need to get your construction under way. View our building and construction plastic products range here and get started today!

No Where To Store Your Fishing Gear? You Need Marine Plastic Storage Boxes!

Are you constantly struggling when you go fishing to store all your gear and catch? Sick of wooden crates splitting and falling apart after getting wet? Why not consider plastic marine storage boxes?

marine_plastic_storage_boxesPlastic storage boxes for marine use are purposefully designed to be in the fishing environment. Whether you operate a commercial vessel or just like to spend a Sunday afternoon with your mates fishing, you need the right gear to make a good catch. And these boxes will last and last no matter what kind of abuse they are subject to.

Being plastic, they are unaffected by water meaning that they won’t split or rot over time. Not only is this more reliable and convenient for you but it saves you money not having to replace your equipment all the time. And they won’t fail on your when you are out on the water. They are also lightweight yet very sturdy, making them easy to carry and take with you.

See our range of plastic marine storage boxes here and update your fishing gear today!