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Why Use Plastic Storage Pallets Rather Than Wood?

There has been a long time debate over whether wooden or plastic pallets are better. While both have their benefits, plastic pallets offer a range of advantages and are an excellent alternative to wood.

plastic_palletsPlastic pallets come with a number of benefits such as being easily sanitized, longer service life span, their resistance to odors, fire retardancy and durability. They also offer better product protection, don’t splinter and are lighter in weight as well as being more environmentally friendly. Plastic pallets are re-usable and recyclable, while used wood pallets have disposal issues.

The negative with wooden pallets is that they can pose serious bio-hazard risks as they are susceptible to bacterial and chemical contamination. These risks can include  E. coli problems in food and produce transportation, and even insect infestation.

Plastic pallets are widely produced in Europe, American and even New Zealand. If you need to update or replace your pallets, take plastic pallets into serious consideration!

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All The Farming Plastics You Need!

If you are looking for equipment and gear for your farm then you can’t look past our range of farming plastic equipment. We have a wide range of quality products for all uses, up to the task of running your farm.

What do we have?

Buckets and troughs

animal_farming_bucket Animal_farming_trough

Colostrum, water and spray tanks


Feeders and hoppers:

Animal_farm_feeder Animal_farming_hopper

And more!

All of our farming products are made of top quality materials, ensuring that they will last for years to come and will withstand the use and abuse that comes with being farm equipment. Check out our full range on our website now!