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We Can Make Any Product You Need

Sometimes when you are involved in a project or just doing something around the house, you need a specific part and you just can’t find it. This could be because it doesn’t exist or it is just hard to find. Either way, if it’s plastic it’s not a problem!

Rotational Plastics specialise in all plastic moulding and can make any plastic product you need. No matter whether you are looking to do a large number run of products or you need just a one off, we can help with every step to make whatever it is that you need. Our top of the line rotational moulding equipment allows us to make quality plastic products in all shapes and sizes and for reasonable cost. We don’t expect you to pay the world for the thing you need.

Talk to us today about the custom plastic moulding solution you need. Also check out our products range, as you never know, you might just find what you are looking for!


How Does Plastic Moulding Work?

If you are having a custom plastic item made, you may very well be interested in how rotational plastic moulding works. It is actually a rather interesting process.

First, a mould is created of the item that is to be produced. These moulds are usually produced from CAD drawings, but it is possible to work from paper designs or physical models. Any metal items to be moulded are then fitted to the mould.

Polymer powder is then added to the mould and the mould is securely closed. The mould is slowly heated with hot air and rotated simultaneously. The movement of the rotation distributes the polymer evenly within the mould while it slowly begins to adhere to it. The moulded is then cooled, setting the polymer.

Now the mould is opened and the product removed from the mould, ready for any finishing and assembly. The moulding process is complete! Now the mould can be fitted with any new inserts and new powder put in ready for the next cycle.