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Servicing New Zealand with Excellence and Quality


Rotational Plastics are your ONE STOP SHOP for custom mouldable solutions. Whether you are manufacturing your product elsewhere or with to realize your new invention we are the right company to approach. We offer engineered solutions and state of the art production hard to beat! Our Service include:

  • Custom Engineered solutions
  • High demand production and supply
  • Mould generation and design
  • Commercial product supply in various verticals
  • New Zealand owned and operated

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Rotational Moulding Process

Rotational moulding is a low pressure, high temperature manufacturing method for producing hollow one-piece plastic parts. The moulding process dates back hundreds of years to the Swiss use of the method to make hollow chocolate eggs.

Rotational moulding is a very competitive alternative to blow moulding, thermoforming and injection moulding for the manufacture of hollow plastic parts. It offers designers the chance to produce stress-free articles, with near uniform wall thickness and moderately complex shapes. Typical moulded parts include bulk containers, tanks, canoes, toys, medical equipment, automotive parts and ducts.

There are many advantages associated with rotational moulding :

  • The moulds are relatively simple and cheap, because the process is low pressure, unlike injection moulding (low set up costs).
  • It is possible to alter the wall thickness without changing the mould.
  • Complex parts with undercuts and intricate contours can be manufactured relatively easily.
  • There is also very little waste as the required weight of plastic to produce the part is placed inside the mould.
  • Also you can cope with short run sizes, which is an advantage in New Zealand.


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